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Bringing authentic brands

to the world

Moved by a common passion for exclusive brands and their creators, Antoine and Abla launched Be Keen in 2012 to break the rules of the Luxury industry and tell the story behind those unique genuine brands.

Our mission is to help our partner brands overcome the challenges that come with international expansion and achieve great success in a highly competitive environment in line with our values and business ethics.

To do so, we brought together our in-depth knowledge of the Luxury business and our complementary skills – a clear strategic vision, operational excellence and deep understanding of the channels’ complexities.

Be Keen evolves around three core values : authenticity, excellence and passion.

The company operates according to the founders’ strong beliefs:
-sustainable and controlled growth over rapid and unrestrained expansion to drive long-term success and partnerships
-creating genuine human connections with their partners to drive business performance
-being personally involved in overseeing the success of the brands in every market

Be Keen is first and foremost a human adventure between creators, retailers and our team members.

Bold, passionate and from diverse cultural backgrounds, our growing team is highly experienced in its field of expertise and can adapt easily to all international and multicultural environments.


Antoine Khouzami is co-founder and Managing Director of Be Keen. Passionate about photography, he likes going to remote places all over the world to capture the souls of the local people through portraits. His numerous hikes on far away trails allow him to blend with different cultures and get enriched by their roots.

Abla Bencheikh is co-founder of Be Keen. With an early passion for travels, she loves discovering new cultures, new landscapes, new dishes and meeting new people. The ocean is her element, and she enjoys diving, sailing, wind surfing and surfing.

Together they have over 30 years of expertise in Luxury goods and international markets and have travelled over 6,000,000 km and visited 57 countries.