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Should you wish to expand internationally, have a specific business concern or seek to improve profitability. Be Keen will be glad to answer your query.

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International brand’s building is at the core of our activity. With extensive knowledge of international local markets across 4 continents and a unique insight into consumer behavior, we take our responsibility as your international agent very seriously, always preferring long-term controlled growth over rapid and unrestrained expansion.

Thanks to our deep understanding of the Luxury industry’s codes and standards, we make sure your brand equity is maintained and respected at all times. Over the years, we have developed strong relationships with key industry retailers and decision makers. As a result, we offer an exceptional network of global contacts, enabling us to develop and market your brand in the most efficient and successful way.

Be Keen manages your brand as its owns from the selection of a suitable partner (distributor or retailer) to the contract and marketing support negotiations. We provide all necessary operational follow-up and ensure the strategy is correctly implemented, the products launched flawlessly and the brand consistently supported.

Always one step ahead, Be Keen was one the first companies to introduce European niche fragrances into China in 2013 at a time where the Chinese consumers were not yet fond of the category.

We help you to overcome difficulties, seize opportunities and optimize your resource allocations. Together we build the keystones of your future success by setting out a vision and implementing a strategy which will enable you to achieve your goals.


Our Headquarter being based in London makes it an ideal base for your expansion into the UK domestic market.

We work with some of the most prestigious retailers such as Harrods, Harvey Nichols or Selfridges and understand the new market’s requirements since Brexit was implemented.